Our Fees

Enrolled, Funded Patients

AgeStandard1st ApptCSCWith ACC
14 - 24$49$86$40$40
25 – 64$59$96$50$50
65 and over$59$92$50$50

Casual, Non Funded Patients

AgeStandardWith ACC
Under 6$20FREE
6 - 14$29FREE
14 - 24$86$56
25 – 64$96$72
65 and over$92$72

Prescription Fees

Clinic collection$22
Urgent same day$35

Nurse Fees

Nurse Consult$25
Medical Dressings$20
ACC Dressings$10
Blood Pressure$10
Injection Fee$15

Other Fees

Cervical SmearsConsult + $20
Driving Medicals$100
Home visit$200
Well Person Check$150
Referral Letters (outside of consult)$25

Please note that as a new patient your initial consultation is charged at our casual rate. Thereafter enrolled rates apply. Payment is expected at the end of each consultation or upon request of a script/ referral letter or other service. We accept cash, eftpos and internet banking.

DNA (did not attend appointment) fee carries the same charge as stated above.

Non-Resident/Visitor Fees

$110 for all ages