Our Services

Regular Checkup
Routine health checks ensure your body is performing as it should and give you insight into your current lifestyle.

Repeat prescription are available for clients who are stable on regular medications.

Kid's Health
We are a team experienced with children and their health needs from birth. Additionally, we have the 6 week check and can administer all immunisations.

Pregnancy Care
We can assist you when you are planning to get pregnant, conduct necessary initial investigations and provide support for maternal mental health.

Women’s Health
Women's health is of particular interest to us. We also do the Annual Well Women’s check that includes Cervical Smear, cardiovascular risk assessment, screening history, Breast Cancer examination, Osteoporosis, Ovarian Cancer and Depo provera Injections.

Vasectomy & Men’s Health
The team consists of professionals specialised in conducting prostate examinations and Vasectomies. We also do the Annual Well Man's check that includes cardiovascular risk assessment, screening history, enquiry of Prostrate Cancer History in the family.

Sexual Health
We can support you through the diagnosis, concerns and management of sexually-transmitted infections. We can also direct you to get sexual health counselling. In addition, we can help with treatment and concerns of genital skin conditions. Likewise, you can drop in to have a chat about Family Planning and contraceptive advice.

Travel Consults and Vaccinations
We offer a range of standard travel vaccinations. However, we do not provide Yellow Fever vaccination. Travel consults are typically 30 minute consults. Please carry with you for the appointment, your travel itinerary including all destinations and activities; documentation of previous travel and immunisation.

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Senior Health
Our doctors are experienced in palliative care and providing care for the elderly. We also offer reconciliation of medication.

Ear Clinic
We offer affordable and high quality ear microsuctions. Our GPs are equipped to also diagnose and treat ENT problems.

Mental Health
We screen for and treat mental health disorders like depression and anxiety. We also screen for and refer on patients with psychotic disorders.

Skin Checks
We do Dermoscopy, removal of cysts, minor skin lesions, warts, moles, biopsy of suspicious lesion and wedge resection of nails.

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Aclasta, also known as Zoledronate or Zoledronic Acid, is an infusion of a bone strengthening medication to treat Osteoporosis. It is given via Intravenous Infusion (drip) over 20-30 minutes into a vein in the arm.

Our nurse is trained to give all the available immunisations to both children and adults. These include funded, non-funded and travel vaccines. For more information about these vaccines click here.

Referrals can be sent to ACC in the event of an accident or for wound care.

Minor surgery
We offer minor surgeries for simple lumps, bumps and skin cancers.